Mr Bullet

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Mr Bullet

Mr. Bullet is a more fun leisure hand tour, my players need to think about how to use the fewest bullets to kill more enemies, get more points, is a recommended hand tour, like to download it quickly.

Details of the game:

The style of this game is also very cartoon, many small partners like this kind of cartoon fantastic game, you need to shoot the enemy through your own efforts, pay attention to find a good angle, oh, Come to download Mr. Bullet to try it!

Introduction to the game:

In Mr. Bullet's bullet game, you will be transformed into a ruthless killer, you need to carry out various shooting tasks. But your goals are often hidden. You need to be flexible in using obstacles in different scenarios to rebound your bullets and ultimately kill your targets. There are bullet restrictions at every level, and only when the bullet is used up can it be cleared by hitting the target.

Game features:

1. Destroy them and save the world! Mr. Bullet is a secret mission. Use your deadly accuracy and accuracy to keep bad guys! Whether it's spies, agents, zombies, loggers, aliens, they're all here to take over the world, and only one MASTER can destroy them and save the world.

2. The content of simple painting style is endless, with more wonderful operations, to enjoy all the shooting content here;

3. Each level has its own characteristics. It needs more calculation and tries. It is more interesting to experience different leisure time.

Game highlights:

Find your shooting angle, use the ejection method and kill the opponent, shooting angle must be good to achieve the most accurate;

Your bullets are limited. Sometimes your goal is not just one person. You shoot more carefully to complete the task!

Experience Shooting with Ballistics

Give you the perfect angle

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