Retry Again

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Retry is a fun arcade game developed by Rovio (Angry Birds, Bad Piggies) where players have to fly a small and hard-to-handle plane.

Gameplay in Retry is similar in some respects to that of Flappy Bird, as players have to touch the screen more or less constantly to keep the plane level in the air. Only like this can you advance through the obstacles you’ll find on each level.

Instead of having to face an infinite number of levels without a concrete end, Retry offers levels with clear beginnings and endings. In fact, some of the levels are so long that you can stop and save your progress along the way. That said, doing so will cost you a coin.

Visually, Rovio has opted for a style that’s more retro than what many of us are used to. ‘If it worked for Flappy Bird, it will work for us,’ the Finnish studio must have reasoned. And actually, the result is pretty awesome.

Retry is a simple, fun, and pretty game that’s much more difficult than any previous Rovio t

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