Piggy In The Puddle

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Description:Piggy In The Puddle is a HTML5 Games game on
A pig and a bathtub? It does not mix well... Add mud in the bathtub... Immediately, things are different! Pigs love to wade in the mud, even if it's in a bathtub. Help our friend to reach the bathtub on each level by making it roll and fall. You can change its shape: when it is round, it rolls and can thus collect food at the same time. Make it resume its square shape, and it will stop so fast it'd make your head spin. So, will Piggy find his bathtub every time? It's up to you!
Pigs love puddles and there's one little piggy who loves them way too much! Help him get into the puddle and get mucky but it won't be easy, it's difficult to get him dirty and this is a game that requires great skill. Don't miss the acorns alo
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