Yummy Tales 2

Description:Yummy Tales 2 is here with its new and amazing match 3 puzzles! Meet Oscar, your best friend and a clever little dog! He'll help you in feeding and caring for your farm animals. To remove them from the board, you must match three or more fruits or vegetables of the same kind. Continue mixing and matching fruits and vegetables until your animals are completely saturated. If you don't finish the level before you run out of moves, you'll have to start over! Play through over 900 different levels of puzzles. Complete Daily Missions and Challenges to earn fantastic rewards and gifts such as coins and boosters to help you beat even the hardest levels. Stop wasting time and play Yummy Tales 2 for free right now!
Get full stars by matching at least 3 of the same fruits and vegetables by swapping them with the touch controls or the mouse. You can enjoy the boosters and power-ups if you match 4 or more items!
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