Fidget spinner: 4 players game

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Description:Are you the best Spinner player in the world? You must battle against 4 opponents on the same screen and make the best score to reach the top ranking with your favorite Fidget Hand Spinner !!! This game is 100% Free, whatever Fidget Hand Spinner you choose: plastic, steel, Gold, titanium,carbone... The gameplay is really super simple and fun. Your toy spin automatically and when you push the button it will spin super fast and it goes straight in one direction to push other players. The goal is to push out other players from the circle and to make the high score. For every player that you push outside, you score 2 points. Everytime you are pushed out of the circle you loose 1 point. Get ready, get set, and SPIN !!!! Get ready, get set, and SPIN !!!!
Push the others Fidget Hand Spinner out of the circle in this multiplayers game
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