Vegas Clash 3D

Description:The Las Vegas casino is full of cash. This is the best moment for your Sassy Elvis gang to make an unfriendly visit to the underground vault. Your van is parked at the corner of the building - so boldly grab the bags and carry them there. But the owners of the casino are also not dummies and called the cops who will become on guard of the law and will try to protect private property. But we know who's in charge here ?! By the way, in the back streets of the building you can find a dusty powerful revolver, which blows the heads off once or twice. The character leveling system will give you an advantage in further battles, so earn stars in battles as much as possible. And only a few will be able to upgrade weapons to golden skins, we hope this it will be you!
WASD - movement SPACE - jump C - crouch RMB - aim TAB - score table
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