Tiger Simulator 3D

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Description:Tigers are one of the most beautiful and strong animals. In this game you will play for one of the tigers. You can create a large family of tigers, travel the open world and perform various tasks.Create your own tiger and go in search of adventure. Hunt for animals, start a family, improve your tiger and family members. Do different tasks and become stronger.TIGER FAMILYIf you find another tiger you will be able to create a family. With the development of the character, the opportunity to make children becomes available. You can make up to 4 children. Your family can help you in combat and hunting. There is an opportunity to improve each family member. To do this, it is necessary to hunt and collect food, and then feed the children or your consort.TIGER CUSTOMIZATIONCustomize the appearance of the tiger as you like. There are several skins to choose from. You can also customize skins for your consort and children. For fans of funny hats there is the opportunity to wear a variety of dif
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