Rio Rex

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There's a T-Rex on the loose in Rio city! Take on the role of the destructive dino as you attempt to incinerate everyone and everything on your path of destruction. The terrifying T-Rex has returned to bring destruction to yet another city. In this thrilling new action game, Rio Rex, you feast on humans while you level the lovely city of Rio de Janeiro to the ground. Your goal is to roast all humans with your flaming breath and to leave none of them uneaten. Feel free to take the rest of the city down with them! Rio Rex is the rampaging arcade game in which you can run riot controlling a huge T-Rex! Run through the towns and settlements destroying everything in sight and causing havoc amongst the puney humans in your way. This time you are let loose in the beautiful Rio but take a look back at the previous cities that have been destroyed at New York and Paris It is time again to chew people, destroy cities and blow your horrifying fire breathe at everything in sight. Go cause mayhem
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