Tank Off

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Description:Multiplayer Tank-Centric Tactical-Combat Battle ArenaAlternate WWII Universe: Extraterrestrials have already made contact, and war machines are powered by stolen Alien Technology!Tanks Abilities: Jump! [SPACE key] Turbo! [SHIFT] Float and Jet through water! Rocket-Propel through the air!Features: 10-Player Rooms Unlock 4 specialized Tanks to attune with your play style Choose from 4 Maps: Forest, Desert, Bayou, or Military Base (more maps on the way!) Upgrade Attributes: Speed, Turbo Recharge, Reload Speed, Cannon Damage, etc.. In this multiplayer tactical-combat action game, command an Alternate-Universe World War II Tank powered by stolen alien technology! Control your monstrous flying war machine to Capture the Flag at rocket-powered velocities. Soar over your enemies and slam your rivals into submission.
WASD or arrow keys to drive the tankLeft-Click to shootRight-Click to aim turretShift to use TurboSpace to jumpM to mute audioEnter to cha
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