Sweet Donut Maker Bakery

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Description:Donuts are delicious at eating but they are excitingly amazing at making. Try sweet delicious donut making for yourself to enjoy kitchen baking and cooking to become the best and delicious donut maker. Donut making will interact you with the shopping of sweet donut ingredients at the supermarket. Cook with fun and enjoyment in your kitchen bakery and become the best sweet yummy donut maker. Bring donut ingredients to the cash counter of the store and the ingredients to your home kitchen bakery to relieve your hunger and be the best sweet donut maker and sweet dessert chef. For the sweet dessert donut making, take donut ingredients to the kitchen and mix the ingredients for tasty donut making. Create the round shape for your tasty donut to enjoy. Take the donut to frying pan and make donut fries at some warm temperature at your kitchen bakery to make it eatable by the crazy donut maker. And at the end decorate your donut with millions of sweets and delicious toppings. PLAY NOW
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