Stickman Fights

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Description:Play now our new game Stickman Fights Online !! An epic battle arrives between the little stickmans who are determined to become the number 1 street fighter control the main character and help him beat the other fighters play it now on Kukogames always free remember that we have the best collection of stickman and fighting games . Stickman decided to find out among themselves who is stronger, and to do it in a truly masculine way - to fight! Everyone knows that Stickman are almost always associated with fights and this game is no exception. Stickman and fights are made for each other :) You have to defeat an online opponent in a battle and win a cash prize. The more money you bet, the greater the reward. For the dollars received, you can buy new skins that will decorate your fighter. Stickman fights online - turn your opponent into a cutlet!
Control: A, D - Move W - Jump Left Mouse Button - Kick Right Mouse Button - Punch
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