Princess e-Girl vs Soft Girl

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Description:Soft-girl and e-girl are completely different new subcultures. Our princesses decided to try on these images. Soft-girl is a fashionable style for girls who dress in big jumpers, T-shirts, like to wear jeans and never refuse short skirts. Girls with this style look very cute. Glasses are sometimes used as accessories. In makeup, soft-girls always use blush, draw short arrows, sometimes even freckles. Young princesses who consider themselves to be an e-girl love short plaid skirts with a high waist, a black and white striped turtleneck, and a black T-shirt over the turtleneck. They like to wear belts, chains, tights in a net. Make-ups are effective - long arrows, bright blush, often also use blush with shine and lipstick with shine, which makes the skin shinier and as if moist at first glance. Which style do you like more? Let's arrange a fashion competition for our princesses!
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