New Year Party Challenge

Description:New Year Party Challenge New Year is truly an international holiday, but in different countries it is celebrated in its own way. This is one of those rare holidays that are unanimously celebrated by all seven billion people on Earth. The princesses decided to arrange a New Year's challenge, decorating the palace and choosing outfits in the style of their kingdom. In Eliza's kingdom, the main symbol of the New Year is the festive tree. Gifts are placed under the tree, and sweets and treats are placed on the table. And, of course, festive garlands are hung up! Sparkling gold and silver outfits, stars and snowflakes are in vogue this year. According to Chinese traditions, celebrating the New Year is one of the most important and significant family traditions. On the first day of the new year, the Chinese launch fireworks, and also burn incense sticks, which, in their opinion, can scare away evil spirits and drive them out of the house. Many people buy new clothes (they must be in bright
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