Mickey's Trick or Treats

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Description:Mickey Mouse loves Halloween, which is why he could not leave you just like that, so he wanted to share with you in the fun of this October holiday, by inviting you to play the new and awesome game called Mickey's Trick or Treats, which is actually an arcade game where you get to play several mini-games, all of the classic formats but with a Halloween twist, so you will be having fun guaranteed!

He is joined by his friends from other Disney shows such as Fancy Nancy, Muppet Babies, Vampirina, and Puppy Dog Pals, and the reason for that is because for each of the five mini-games you get to pick with which set of characters you want to play it, from the shows that we have just mentioned.

The first one is a memory matching game, where instead of cards you will click on two doors at a time to reveal the character hiding behind it, and when the two characters are the same, they remain visible, so you have to find all the pairs like that. In another game, you have to click on
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