Love Pin Online

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Description:Win the heart of your beloved girlfriend by rescuing her at every opportunity in which she is captured and locked in the calabos by the claws of a dangerous criminal who has trapped your beloved and does not intend to release her !!!! Solve the puzzles of this fun new game Love Pin Online have fun for free with this new game exclusive to !!!! These two boyfriends are separated, they want to go on a date, but there are so many deadly obstacles on the way. Use the tools to kill the bad guys and help them meet their lover. Use your brain to solve these problems, have fun on the Love Pins! Try to use the objects, elements that you have in each level to help you solve and complete the level, rescue your girlfriend safe and sound and become the best boyfriend in the world.
Complete each level by solving the levels, think carefully about each movement that can result in rescue or disaster !!! You can repeat each level as many times as you require and accumulate as many point
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