Life The Game

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Description:Real life is always different from the virtual, but you need to solve problems not only virtual, but also in real life. Many people prefer to solve virtual problems, thereby escaping from the real, but such behavior will lead to nothing good, so if you have coped with all the tasks in life, or just tired, you can relax by spending a little time for the new game Life: The Game, in which you can try everything that we meet every day, but only now it will all be virtual. There you will meet a small family that lives in one of the nice towns, which is also not very big. Each member of the family is busy doing something, and if you still dare, you can join them and help. The game starts from the hospital, where a young girl is giving birth to a baby, and having managed with this task, you will be transferred to the house, where a young man is trying to compose a beautiful melody. The next stage will be solving elementary math problems, that is, solving homework, and so on.
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