Ladder Climber

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Description:Ladder Climber is a HTML5 Games game on
If you believe you can think quickly and move quickly at the same time, try Ladder Climber to see how far you can get. While this game appears to be easy, you must be cautious and prepared because it will prove to be difficult. This game is very addictive, so you will undoubtedly spend hours playing it. So get out there and play, relieve tension, kill boredom, and have a great time. Don't worry, it's completely free. By the way, you can challenge your family or friends and see who can get more steps. Enjoy!Game Objective: Your goal is to climb as far up the ladder as possible by deciding if you need to swap hands or climb. Since some of the ladder's steps are cut in half and shift, you'll also need to figure out the best pacing.Features:- Simple Gameplay- Cool design and graphics- Suitable sound effects
Tap on Bottom right button to Climb.Tap on Bottom left button to Swap Hands.
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