Lab Escape Online

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Description:Lab Escape Online is a HTML5 Games game on
Play and have fun with Lab Escape Online a new exclusive game from !!! In a laboratory hidden from the public many strange experiments were carried out where peculiar creatures with very curious abilities are created, but on a day like any other an accident happens with which a small, hungry and strange being is released from the facilities and endangers all investigations. Help the little creature that wants to survive swallowing everything on its way !!!!! Have fun with this casual, addictive and very entertaining game totally free on kiz10, if you like casual games we have the best collection of free games.
The objective of the game is to control the little unstable creature that managed to escape from its prison in the strange laboratory to survive and grow duty to destroy all the living beings on your way, improve your equipment and devour all the baddies within your reach! As you pass the levels you can collect a set of hats to improve your specimen.
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