Idle Startup Tycoon

Description:Grow your startup empire and be a high tech billionaire tycoon in this idle simulation game. Launch multiple start ups which include a food delivery O2O app, a mobile game company, a ridesharing app, a livestreaming app, Internet of Things (IoT) venture, infosec, drones, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and of course, a suborbital space tourism start up. Code a start up idea in a cool coworking space. Transfer it to the cloud servers. Then, pass it on to the Sales Managers to earn cash. Upgrade your cash collection efficiency at multiple strategic stations. Too tired to click? Hire sophisticated smartly dressed managers to automate your tasks. Earn coins while you sleep, from your multiple start-up ventures. Attract investors to invest in your start ups, and cash out with tons of profit. Did we say high tech billionaire? No, we mean trillionaire, because this game is for real.
Build and grow your startup empire
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