Hello Kitty Pinball

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Hello Kitty Pinball is a cute arcade game starring Sanrio’s Hello Kitty. Welcome to the Hello Kitty playroom. Kitty White has just created a new pachinko pinball machine, and she’s looking forward to sharing her new game with our online players. Kitty White loves to make new friends, and she always speaks from the heart. Her caring personality and joyful outlook on life continue to win the hearts of girls and women from all over the world.
To get started, the player can pull the plunger and send the ball bouncing off the bumpers and the colorful pegs. If the player manages to drop the pinballs into one of the two cups, Kitty White will drop a number of candy-striped bonus pinballs into the pinball machine. In each round, the player has one minute and thirty seconds to score lots of points.
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