Category: HTML5 Games, is a free fantasy style game. Eat steaks, eggs, milk and everything you find to grow in size while you are small, most importantly do not eat amanita, because it reduces your experience and you become smaller! Attack smaller enemies, so you have a better chance of staying alive. You can insurance yourself just run away from large enemies so that they do not kill you with one fell swoop of their powerful weapon or you can donate your experience to the enemy. But you won’t be able to run for a long time, because when you run, your experience decreases. The game has only 15 levels: Knight lvl 1 Knight lvl 2 Knight lvl 3 Assassin lvl 1 Assassin lvl 2 Dwarf lvl 1 Dwarf lvl 2 Dwarf lvl 3 Skeleton lvl 1 Skeleton lvl 2 Skeleton lvl 3 Golem lvl 1 Golem lvl 2 Orc lvl 1 Orc lvl 2 Orc lvl 3 Can you get to
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