Drop Or Die

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Description:Drop or Die is by far one of the coolest and most addictive quick-play games around! See how long you can survive. Maneuver your character downwards (Drop) from the rising platforms that increase in speed to move you up into the deadly spikes (Die) whilst avoiding enemies along the way to achieve a high Time score. Collect coins scattered across the game to enable continue to boost your Time score (10 coins earns you the ability to continue). Collect the Time Warp symbol to ‘Slow Down’ the velocity of the game for a limited time. You can also gain additional coins as reward for killing enemies, each enemy kill is worth 1 coin. This awesome game turns jumping games upside down as you try to run, drop, or jump your characters from a higher platform to a lower one whilst avoiding/killing enemies! If the rising platforms move you into the spikes, or enemies get you it’s game over! Let the action drop as you grab coins, avoid and kill enemies t
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