DisneyNow Halloween Cart Blaster

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Description:It is with terrific excitement that right now we could bring you all a new and awesome game such as DisneyNow Halloween Cart Blaster, which is now only a spooky game for Halloween, but it also features some of your favorite characters across different Disney platforms, from shows like Upside Down Magic, Descendants, Mickey Mouse, Vampirina, Zombies, and many more.

In this game, you first have to choose with which of the shows you want to play, with the cart then being inspired by that show and looking like that, and the characters of the show being shown more than from other shows, so we recommend picking the show or movie on the networks you love most.

With the cart, you will be walking around in all sorts of fun Halloween settings. When you reach there, you use the mouse to shoot balls at the targets from that level. For example, you have to shoot targets in order to have them fall into the correct bucket, or you have to shoot characters to make them go up or down.
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