Bob The Robber 5

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You love Bob The Robber 3 and asked for it, and now we deliver the next robbery bob – Bob The Robber is back for yet another amazing adventure! This time, an ancient and mysterious temple is where evil attempts to regain strength, and only Bob can save the world from this imminent danger. Be the best awesome tiny thief!

Completely new levels and temples for you to explore and rob. Let’s show who is the best robber in 5 miles!

From mummies to evil magicians, a whole new array of enemies awaits in Bob The Robber 5. Enjoy the temple fun

As usual, Bob is presented to you completely free!

Bob The Robber 5 was developed by Funtomic. You can play Bob’s previous adventures in Bob The Robber 4 Russia, Bob The Robber 4 Japan.

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