Among Us Fall Impostor

Category: HTML5 Games,
Description:Run and get past your barriers or they will become champions! Start playing the most fun and exciting last person standing game where falling is not an option. Crush your opponents and be the last man standing in this fall game. Pay attention to the moving obstacles and other obstacles waiting for you. Your opponent is your biggest enemy in this real knock over game. They will do whatever it takes to eliminate you to win the fall race. The graphics of this game are very smooth. Start playing by running towards your goal. But it's not as easy as you think. You opponents also run with you and are ready to knock everything in their path. In this fall challenge game all obstacles can be won but it requires great running skills and solid balance.
Fun and addictive gameplay! Easy to play: use the joystick to move, tap the jump button to jump and try to not fall!
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